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Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is organized for the purpose of supporting the activities of children for QEI Durham by fostering relationships among the school administration of QEI, parents, teachers, and the community.

The QEI Durham PTA consists of parents that believe in the mission of the school and are committed to ensuring the school has what it needs in order to accomplish their mission. We foster community through our family night activities, raise funds, host reading nights, sponsor end of year field trips for the entire school, created two computer labs for the school furnished with computers and laptops, furnished each teacher with an Ipad, as well as countless hours of volunteering wherever there is a need. Join us!

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QEI’s faculty and staff strongly encourage parents to volunteer whenever they can. Each student household is expected to provide two hours of volunteer service per month to the School. Children receive significant encouragement from seeing their parents involved in their school activities.

Volunteering does not necessarily require the parent to physically be in the building. There are many ways your participation, time, and/or resources are needed, here are a few examples:

  • Providing Student Supervision During Lunch and/or Recess
  • Assisting in classroom activities
  • Donating Resources (i.e. Gym Equipment)
  • Serving as a Class Speaker
  • Serving as a Classroom Mystery Reader
  • Serving as a Substitute Teacher
  • Clerical Work
  • Tearing out Workbook pages
  • Donate funds

To schedule your volunteerism, email or your child’s teacher.

Dress Code

QEI Dress Code Monday through Thursday Uniform Requirements

• Navy Blue or Khaki (All: pants, shorts; Young Ladies: capris’, skorts, or skirts)

• Light Blue, Burgundy or White Polo or Oxford Shirts

• White Tennis Shoes or Black Tennis Shoes

• Navy blue T-shirts are not acceptable unless it is a QEI T-shirt

• Jackets and sweaters should be navy, white, burgundy, or light blue.

Friday Dress Uniform Requirements Young Men

• Navy Blue Pants White Dress Shirt (traditional)

• Black, navy belt if needed (pants must be on the waist)

• Plain Navy Blue or Burgundy Tie

• Socks – solid color (white, light blue, navy blue or burgundy only) Young Ladies • Navy Blue Jumper or Skirt

• White Blouse with Collar (traditional, peter pan, or rounded)

• Tights or Socks – black, navy blue, burgundy, or white All Students Black Shoes (lace-up, clasp, loafer style, and during winter months plain black boot)

Places where school uniforms are available: Children’s Place, Old Navy, Wal-Mart, Burlington Coat Factory, JC Penney,

All K-4 and K-5 students must have a change of clothes at the school at all times. More uniform information:

• Each student must wear the designated uniform on regular school days.

• Male students are not allowed to wear braided hair, mohawks. No students may have wild colored hair or any other styles that are determined by the school administration to be a distraction.

• No earrings are allowed for male students.

• Any attire that would cause a distraction in the classroom as determined by School Administration is not allowed. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in a student