Our family is so thankful to have been introduced to QEI. We took the testimonial from trusted families at face value, and have no regrets about our decision to enroll in the QEI K-4 program last year.

We love any and all feedback we receive. Our staff works tirelessly to give students the attention and high-quality education they deserve. Below, our more than satisfied parents give testimonials of their QEI experience.

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Behavior Improvements

“My son has attended QEI for 2 years. He started in the K-4 class and is now in Kindergarten. In his previous school, he was consistently disruptive in class and was in trouble often for hitting and biting other children. He was doing poor quality work and could not even color within the lines. Additionally, he mumbled his words and few students or staff could understand him. We heard about the great things QEI was doing for children and we pulled him out of his old school and enrolled him in QEI after the school year started. My son’s behavior improved immediately, as the QEI staff told him and reinforced to him constantly what they expected of him in a loving and nurturing way. Within a month the quality of his work drastically improved. When he brought home his first coloring assignment which was done neatly and within the lines (for the most part), his father swore that some other child had done the work and he took it and put his name on it. The QEI teachers and afterschool staff made it a point to have him slow his speech and talk slowly. Everyone now comments on how much his speech has improved. This is only one example of a school that really cares about its children.”

by Maurice Cotton[/vc_column_text][vc_separator border_width=”3″][vc_column_text]

No Regrets

“Our family is so thankful to have been introduced to QEI. We took the testimonial from trusted families at face value, and have NO regrets about our decision to enroll in the QEI K-4 program last year. Our daughter learned phonics, basic math, spelling, reading, and so much more. At the K-4 graduation ceremony, she was awarded top honors for setting a new K-4 record by reading 107 books! It’s hard to believe our 4 years old could actually read that well. Currently, by age, she is considered a Kindergartner. However, she is enrolled in first-grade courses and makes very high marks.We have seen her flourish academically, but more importantly as a confident individual. The curriculum is structured to meet each child’s educational needs, and allow them to grow at their own pace. My mother is a newly retired educator and is often encouraged by the staff to volunteer at the school. She is very pleased with our decision to enroll at QEI. The children are Blessed to have kind, caring, and knowledgeable teachers blazing their trails. Not only do the teachers care for each child’s academic achievement, but they genuinely care about the children. We have NOT ONCE seen a child forsaken at QEI. Every teacher knows every child enrolled in the school. The children feel loved, challenged, encouraged, and confident in their abilities to succeed as students, and as future leaders of the world!”

by Very Proud Parents,
LaTonya & Keith Smith[/vc_column_text][vc_separator border_width=”3″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Hidden Gem

“QEI is a hidden gem in Durham, NC. Who would have ever thought the perfect gem would be right in our own backyard! We enrolled our daughter and son into QEI during their first grade and kindergarten years. As parents, we were not sure what to expect and very skeptical! To our behold, our children were brought to a level of education that set their foundation for their future. Our children were challenged, reading before leaving the Kindergarten. Our daughter was writing papers and presenting them via power point presentations and learning about all cultures in history, coupled with hands-on mathematical equations on an advance level. They built educational strategies, habits, and thought provoking paths which will stay with them throughout their education journey.

Today our daughter is an eight grader and our son is a seventh grader and because of QEI fundamentals and the foundation plateau they have set, they developed what it takes to strive for excellence, confidence, stability, shooting for excellence and not settling with mediocre. Study habits and how to properly take notes for exams and using critical thinking instead of memorizing. In addition, building self-pride and the ability to lend a hand to their fellow man/women when they are down, that is QEI!”

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