Ms. Tanysha Williams


My name is Tanysha Williams. As some of you may know, I have many roles here at QEI. I teach am the physical education, 3rd through 5th grades Math and Science and this year we will be rolling out a brand new introduction to computers class for our students.

In the role of PE teacher, I help the children work out and challenge themselves to complete tasks all while having fun. We will do fitness test throughout the school year that will include, push-ups, running, jumping jacks and other exercises that helps them to become and remain healthy. We also play group games, in an effort to build a competitive spirit while remaining kind and courteous to our classmates. This is done to foster great sportsmanship and behavior that will benefit them in classes as well as in different life long situations.

In the role of being the 3rd through 5th math and science teacher, we will work on making these subjects attainable and understandable for all students. I want my students to understand that these subjects are not as difficult as they seem by meeting each child where they are and helping them in a manner that they can grasp.

In Intro to Computers class, because this class is new to us, I am ecstatic to be able to introduce the subject to our students. This class will focus on increasing and improving basic typing skills, navigation skills and techniques for Word and make them more familiar with a computer.

All of these subjects are interesting to me and I hope they will be interesting to your children. I believe we are going to have a fantastic year and look forward to working with you all!

Philosophy of Teaching / Education

I believe that all children can long and it is their right to do so. In doing this, we must create an environment where all children feel safe and comfortable.